How to test the memory

MemTest86: and you’ll want to select the option under the Windows section that mentionsthe “bootable USB drive”.

1. Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file you can extract the contents to yourdesktop. Make sure the USB you are going to use has been backed up as thisprocess will wipe it.
2. Run the image USB program.
3. You’ll select your USB in Step 1, skip Step 2, in Step 3 you’ll click‘Browse’ and select the “memtest86-usb” file, then click ‘Write’ in Step 4.
4. Once the process is finished you can turn your unit off, wait about fiveseconds, then boot it back up.
5. As soon as you hit the power button start tapping the F8/F11 key on yourkeyboard.
6. You should see a boot menu come up and from here you’ll select the USB flashdrive.
7. The test should start almost immediately and may take an hour or more.