ABS reinstalling Windows

An8GB USB flash drive is required and all data will be erased from it.

Hereis the link to the Microsoft tool: download this to your system and not the USB flash drive. You’ll choose“create installation media…” then you’ll select your Language, Edition shouldbe Windows 10 Home, and Architecture is 64-bit (x64). It will have you selectthe USB flash drive, then proceed through the download and installation ofWindows 10 media to the USB.

Oncethe program has finished you’ll have a bootable USB flash drive to installWindows with. At this point you’ll put the USB flash drive into the ABS unitand power it on. A Windows installation should start and you’ll need to selectkeyboard layout, language, etc. Eventually you should come to a screen thatlooks like this:

You’llwant to select Custom. On the following screen you should see one drive listed.Click on Drive 0: Unallocated Space, then click next at the bottom of thescreen. It should then continue the installation on the new SSD.

Thesystem may restart once or twice, but eventually it should have you setup yourWindows account and you’ll be in a working Windows environment. Please let meknow if you run into any issues.