ADVANCED battlestationS

We are the gaming sublabel of ABS Computer Technologies, a subsidiary of Newegg Inc. that has 30 years of history as a system integrator business.Whether it is your goal to win top esports tournaments, entertain millions online, or build the ultimate PC setup, ABS is here to raise your game. We are committed in our mission to connect, inspire, and support a community that aims to unlock their greatest gaming potential.


Advanced Battlestations (ABS) collaborates with respected component brands to create powerful PC systems that deliver enhanced gaming experiences with more frames, fast loading times, and deepened immersion—all while complementing modern style and solid reliability. Our featured partners include:

· ASUS, AMD, Corsair, GIGABYTE, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA

ABS offers a range of pre-built models in both Intel and AMD configurations to cover the gaming needs of most customers:

· Challenger – entry-level system for 60+ FPS gaming, starting at $799

· Master – mid-level system for 100+ FPS gaming, starting at $999

· Gladiator – high-end system for 144+ FPS gaming, starting at $1399

· Legend – flagship system featuring NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

All models feature Windows 10 Home 64-bit. All Challenger and Master models include Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.


Advanced Battlestations stress tests each PC using multiple benchmarking tools to verify the quality of parts, assembly, and configuration. Orders are handled by Newegg’s industry-recognized logistics and customer service operations for comprehensive

customer satisfaction from the speed of its delivery to the post-purchase experience. Our service commitment to customers include:

· 30-day return policy (with an authorized RMA number)

· 1-year replace-or-repair warranty on parts and labor