Below is a short list of the industry and press accolades and awards we have received over the past years. ABS Computer Technologies, Inc. continues to be recognized for high quality computing solutions at unbeatable prices in a broad range of product categories. Each award is a recognition that every ABS product comes with the same promise of excellence in product design and excellence in customer satisfaction and service.
ABS Dark Beret 1000W PSU
Pure OC- November 2009
"The ABS Dark Beret 1000W is a power supply that delivers solid features and good performance when heavily loaded with a case full of power-hungry components. ...."

"...The Dark Beret 1000W is a good all-round power supply in an attractive package of features and functionality.
If you are on a tight budget but need a kilowatt power supply, the ABS Dark Beret 1000W should be on your shortlist.. "

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ABS Canyon 595 Full Tower Chassis
Tom's Hardware- October 2009
"Building inside this case was a pleasure. There's plenty of finger room and all of the cables were able to reach their destinations...."

"...The use of thumb screws in virtually every capacity makes the case tool-free. "

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ABS Tigas Super Full Tower Chassis
Legit Reviews- October 2009
"The Tigas a very well built, classy looking case that has the features that any enthusiast would want in a case for storage, interior space..."

"Installing the system into the Tigas was very easy. The cover panels on the sides of the hard drive cage made it nice for running cables through. There is a ton of room in this case, as there should be for a Super Full Tower."

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ABS Canyon 595
Review B3D - September 2009
"The ABS Canyon has many innovations and features what we love.."

"We absolutely love the elegant and minimalist black exterior and really like the side loading 5.25'' drive bays. The case is roomy and supports a wide range of motherboards. Its cooling performance is also excellent."

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ABS-Tagan BZ Series 800 Power Supply
Hardocp - December 2007

"The ABS/Tagan BZ800 is a full featured 800w power supply that performed on par with good 750w-850w units we have seen so far in our reviews. The unit had excellent DC output quality, good efficiency, very good transient response, and overall a very good build quality that is befitting a high end unit such as this with one slight exception"

"Our evaluation process showed that ABS/Tagan BZ800 is a very good power supply that produces very clean DC output., this unit easily competes with other units in its wattage class and out-features them all."

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ABS-Tagan BZ Series Power Supplies
Review B3D - November 2007
"this power supply will more than meet the needs of the vast majority of computer enthusiasts out there."

"ABS-Tagan has once again pulled out all of the stops with its BZ series of power supplies. We at Bjorn3D highly recommend this power supply to anyone looking for solid, powerful power supply that works great and is so quiet it's barely audible."

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Ultimate Extreme X Magnum
Computer Shopper - November 2007
"This Ultimate X Magnum Extreme is the first system we've seen that's allowed us to test Supreme Commander at that highest resolution" "The video quality in all these tests was superb, crisp and fluid in all but the most intense Supreme Commander shootouts-and even then it looked pretty amazing."

"Incredible performance; great selection of components, from case to cooling..."

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toms hardware Ultimate X9 Firefox
Tom's Hardware - August 2007
"From the tests we ran, this system from ABS definitely has what it takes to be a high-performance gaming system.." -
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Ultimate X Striker Extreme
Firiging Squad - July 2007
"Editir Rating 91%
"The ABS Ultimate X Striker Extreme is built to deliver outstanding performance."

"There's no doubt about it, this beast is blisteringly fast"

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Computer Shopper Ultimate X8 Stealth Extreme
Computer Shopper - May 2007
Editir Rating 8.4

“Great bang for the buck; whisper-quiet operation; clean cable routing eases upgrades” -Computer Shopper - May 2007

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Ultimate X Striker Extreme
Computer Shopper - May 2007
Editir Rating 8.2

“'re going to keep the ABS Ultimate X-Striker Extreme around for a while—both because of its investment-level pricing and its outrageously good, cutting-edge performance. No one can build a computer for the ages, but this one will easily outlast the average PC's three-year lifespan."

“It's faster than any of the Intel quad-core systems we checked out last November...” “Top-of-the-line CPU, GPUs, hard drives deliver excellent performance; Windows XP or Vista available”

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Ultimate X Striker
CNET - March 2007

“Strong configuration for your PC dollar; plenty of room for post-purchase upgrades.” "...this PC makes a strong gaming box"

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